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How to protect the reputation of company against the coronavirus?

Growing uncertainty, time pressure, rapidly changing needs and expectations of stakeholders. This is the business reality during the coronavirus epidemic.
Proper communication with the key stakeholders – employees, customers or suppliers – is nowadays a critical condition for companies to continue operating and often simply survive. Mistakes or omissions can cost a reputation that will be extremely difficult to rebuild.
Difficult times require specialists in difficult subjects. Lighthouse C.A.R.E.S. is a comprehensive offer of professional support for companies and institutions in five basic areas: monitoring and analysis of the communication environment (Communications Intelligence), counteracting fake news (Against Fake News), ongoing communication with stakeholders (Room of Information), leadership competence (Engaged Leadership) and social commitment (Social Contribution).

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Communications Intelligence

In conditions of uncertainty and informational noise you need current and reliable knowledge about the impact of coronavirus on the image of your company and industry. Based on current monitoring and proprietary analytical tools, we provide reliable information about existing and potential threats and opportunities for the reputation of companies and brands.

  • Coronavirus Radar – current monitoring of traditional, Internet and social media and alerts sent 24/7
  • Analysis of key stakeholders – perception studies and monitoring and analysis of actions taken and public statements in the context of impact on the reputation of company and business
  • In-depth industry and sector analyses of the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on reputation
  • Analysis and mapping of image risks associated with the COVID-19 virus epidemic
  • Access to Edelman’s daily report with the most important information on coronavirus from international media li>


Against Fake News

The coronavirus epidemic continues to spread, and with it the number of false information on the web is increasing. The problem of fake news may also affect your company and expose it not only to financial losses but also to loss of reputation. Take advantage of our experience and expertise to counteract fake news.

  • Identify sources of false information and mechanisms of its spread
  • Analysis of the impact of the news facts on the perception of key stakeholders and the reputation of the company
  • Fact-checking, including cooperation with fact-checking organisations
  • Support in fighting against the fake news: formulation of messages, correction of false information, educational activities, cooperation with experts


Room of Information

In crisis situations, speed of response, coherence and appropriate coordination are essential for effective communication. We offer ongoing support in creating contextually engaging content related to the coronavirus and effective distribution to key company stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers or journalists.

  • Communication strategy during a pandemic, i.e. what and how to tell employees, customers and journalists – support in creating key messages and tools tailored to the needs of company stakeholders
  • Creative Newsroom – creating text materials, graphics, audio and video content for the company’s own channels (websites, social channels, internal media) and media and opinion leaders
  • Creation and operation of remote communication channels with employees and the outside world: webinars, e-newsletters, e-mailings, expert huts, podcasts, blogs, virtual press briefings, videoconferences, helplines)
  • 24/7 support in the coronavirus crisis management (scenarios, procedures, communication materials, proactive and reactive communication)


Engaged Leadership

Tomorrow’s uncertainty causes increasing tension and stress among company employees. In these difficult situations people look to their managers for committed leaders to guide them through the crisis. What does it mean to be a committed leader? What is the role of a leader today? How to talk to people about their fears, motivate them to continue working, maintain commitment? How to take care of yourself to have the energy to talk to people and take on new challenges?
We help the leaders::

  • Overcome the challenges of the managerial role in the current situation
  • Develop skills of searching and listening but only valuable information
  • Communicate your expectations clearly and at the same time support your employees in meeting them
  • To show a human face, i.e. to approach the employee’s concerns with understanding and to talk about them skilfully
  • To manage emotions and despite pressure, do not make empty promises
  • Maintain employee involvement so that despite their difficulties, they fulfill their duties

We know that every company and every manager takes an individual approach to the current situation related to the company’s activities during an epidemic, which is why we offer an individualized tailor-made approach to each client.


Social Contribution

When companies are struggling to survive in the marketplace, stakeholders expect business to make a real commitment to fighting the coronavirus. This difficult situation is an opportunity for companies and brands to build a reputation not based on declarations, but on real and much needed involvement in actions for the public good.

  • What to get involved in – analysis of social needs and the possibilities of supporting them, consistent with the profile of activity and company values
  • How to help – platforms of social involvement e.g.: financial support, in-kind assistance, educational activities, cooperation with authorities and institutions, involvement of employees, customers and suppliers
  • How to talk about it – creation and implementation of information campaigns on social involvement of companies.

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