Workshops & coachings

We help our clients understand the increasingly complicated world of communications. We provide them with practical solutions which allow them to confidently operate in this world. It is our belief that effective communication is not a talent granted once and for all but, rather, a skill which can be mastered and must be continuously developed. Our training sessions are conducted by Lighthouse Solutions (LHS) – a Lighthouse Consultants subsidiary.

During our training sessions, LHS coaches share both their theoretical knowledge as well as practical experiences they’ve gained while leading a broad range of communications projects. During individual coaching sessions, LHS employees help participants develop a cohesive business image and assist them in developing specific managerial techniques including communications and soft skills. Outside experts such as stylists, speech therapists, business psychologists and journalists bring additional knowledge and skills to our training sessions.

The LHS coaches/experts draw on their many years of experience in the communications industry which includes reputation management, media relations, crisis communications, issue management, employee communications, CSR and new media matters.



Reputation protection training and business continuity training in the event of state bodies auditing

The key objective of the training is to introduce the members of the board into the legal and reputational issues, related to the possible difficulties in the company’s operations in the event of the authorized state institutions proceedings (conducted by the police, prosecution, CBA, CBS, ABW, tax and customs authorities etc.). Participation in the project prepares the management to ensure continuity of business operations and effective protection of its reputation in all the situations when the above-mentioned activities of the authorities may affect the company’s business.