Strategic communication

We provide a process-based approach to developing a communication strategy based on our proprietary, real-world tested Communication Strategy Design Process (PPSK). PPSK allows us to provide a systemic approach to communications incorporating both goals and implementation tools.

The Process consists of four basic stages. Each project starts with defining client expectations and understanding their business. This stage is usually conducted as a moderated workshop.

We then move on to analyzing and assessing the client’s reputation and identifying key stakeholders and their current perception of the client brand. This allows us to define the client’s current image among various groups, identify its strengths and weaknesses and recommend relevant solutions.

The third stage involves designing communication strategies and tactics based on the previous stages’ findings. Recommended strategies and external communication tools are then presented to clients.

The final step in the Process includes the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the recommended solutions.

Sample solutions

Brand Development Workshop

a series of interactive workshops addressing a brand’s communication strategy

Message Design Workshop

moderated interactive sessions - Message Houses

Planning Workshop

a series of moderated brainstorming sessions focused on developing tools for effective key message communication