Stakeholder engagement

Building and maintaining a company’s relationships with its business and social surroundings is a significant element of managing its value. We develop communication strategies which help our clients engage in dialogue with vital stakeholders. We implement effective solutions which allow our clients to achieve their business goals while respecting the needs and opinions of all parties involved.

We help our clients address CSR issues, develop long-term relationships with governmental and local authorities and provide advice on B2B efforts. We also provide internal communication and employer branding solutions. We know what it takes for companies to communicate effectively with local authorities and communities.

We assist client companies with change communications, helping them navigate circumstances which have the potential to cause apprehension among employees, partners and subcontractors. We also provide investment communication support, ensuring that all parties involved remain fully informed about ongoing processes. We engage stakeholders, strengthening their relationships with our clients.

Sample solutions

Key Stakeholders Monitoring

monitoring key stakeholders’ attitudes toward client companies and/or particular issues

Investment communication support tools

including analysis of stakeholder attitudes, and organizing and moderating meetings with stakeholders

Communication needs assessment

survey and analysis of selected stakeholder groups’ information needs (for example employees)