Reputation Intelligence

Providing effective strategic communication advice requires a comprehensive understanding of each client’s reputational environment. The Lighthouse Reputation Intelligence team was created to gather, analyze and provide information which serves as the foundation for all of our  subsequent recommendations and decisions.

We provide a broad range of services, including: market data analysis, competitive environment audits, evaluations of current communication strategies and efforts, corporate image assessments, identification of key stakeholders and an analysis of their attitudes towards the client corporation.

We go far beyond simply supplying and analyzing data. We support our clients at every stage of a project, using the gathered information and resulting conclusions to plan effective communication strategies. In our RI projects we work with experienced external partners who specialize in information gathering and analysis.

Sample solutions

Competitive Environment Audit

identification and analysis of entities which make up the client’s competitive environment

Process Mapping

identification and analysis of client-selected decision-making processes

Issues & Trends Tracker

identification and analysis of client-selected decision-making processes

Credibility Index

credibility assessments of potential business partners

Stakeholder Mapping

identification of individuals and organizations which have a significant impact on a client’s business and reputation