Issue & crisis management

An effective response to a crisis situation should begin with a previously thought-out action plan. A company’s behavior during a crisis’ first hour has a tremendous impact on how the situation unfolds and its impact on the company’s reputation. We’ve seen plenty of these ‘first hours’ – sometimes the crisis is averted, other times a company gets bogged down in months-long battles to regain its good name – all at a significant financial and personal cost. The difference between these two scenarios comes down to preparation. Companies that are prepared for crisis situations are able to manage them much more effectively.

This is why we support companies and their employees in preventing crisis situations by developing internal crisis management procedures and conducting hands-on exercises in their  implementation. We also provide advice on effectively managing information flow during an ongoing crisis. We help our clients handle the burden of communicating during a company’s most challenging moments.

Our Crisis Communications Team has conducted over 200 projects for companies from a broad range of industries including: energy, financial, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, FMCG and construction. We are a member of Regester Larkin International Network – a grouping of consulting firms specializing in crisis and issue management. London’s Regester Larkin is the network’s lynchpin with more than 30 years of experience of providing issue & crisis management solutions for institutions and corporations around the world.



Compliance Policy Communication & Reputation Protection

Companies looking to protect themselves from reputational risks resulting from violations of compliance policies and seeking class-leading crisis communications capabilities can now rely on services provided by Lighthouse Consultants. To address these needs, LHC has developed the two-pronged Compliance Policy Communication & Reputation Protection packet of services. CPC&RP consists of: Compliance Communication Process (CCP) – proven compliance communications and Crisis Management Approach (CMA) – an effective approach to crisis communications.

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Sample solutions

Issue Management Workshop

crisis management workshop

Issues Mapping

reputational and business risk analysis

Crisis Management Manual

a guide to crisis communication