Engaging content

In an age of information overload, attracting stakeholder interest and engagement is a growing challenge. The roles of traditional modes of communication continue to evolve while the rise of social media has blurred the distinction between media producers and audiences. In this environment, the question of effectively reaching a selected target audience becomes critical. How can a brand engage its target audience in a dialogue? How can it break through all the information noise?

We believe that the answer lies in the effective communication of meaningful content. With our knowledge of both traditional and social media we are able to create content which engages the audience and builds brand loyalty. We pay attention to the latest social media trends so that our content appears in contexts that are important to our clients and their audiences. We have a deep understanding of the new modes of communication which allows us to use the right approach to reach a chosen target group. Our content is not just attention grabbing, it holds the target audience’s attention and delivers key messages.

Our extensive experience in the industry means that we understand the realities facing today’s journalists, reporters and bloggers. Our relations with the media are based on trust and mutual respect. Before we act, we conduct a careful analysis to ensure that our messages match each media outlet’s profile and its audience’s interest. We conduct media audits and develop media communication strategies and plans. Our projects take advantage of social media’s potential while fully engaging with traditional media outlets. We also provide comprehensive services for all media events including conferences, briefings, workshops and study tours.

Sample solutions

LHC Media Index

a system for monitoring a brand’s media value

Media Content Incubator

moderated workshops dedicated to developing communication content

Media audit

determining a brand’s current image and media potential